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The English Club is located in Hinase, Bizen city of Okayama Prefecture.
It takes about 2 hours from Osaka by train or car.

Since it is only a 5 minute-walk from the JR Ako Line station, Hinase, access by train is very convenient.
Hinase is a beautiful town full of nature, overlooking the calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea.
With the abundant seafood and regional delicacies here, you can enjoy various kinds of food.

I believe it is a place that will impress not only foreigners but also Japanese people.
Please feel free to visit!

Recommended Spots

Rental bicycles

The tourist information center next to Hinase station offers rental electric bicycles.
Feel the sea breeze as you pedal around the city and visit various tourist attractions.
You can also cross the Bizen Hinase Ohashi Bridgeline when visiting the small islands in Hinase.
The panoramic view from the bridge is absolutely breathtaking.

> Bizen Tourism Association

Kamei Bakery

It’s an old bakery 15-minutes away on foot from The English Club.
The founder brought the shop from Dalian China after the war.
After roaming about the shopping arcade just around the corner, you will suddenly feel a sense of nostalgia surrounded by the sweet aroma.
Their famous deep-fried buns, cream buns and eclairs are 15cm long, the size of a child’s foot!
Their cakes and pastries are also beautifully aligned, perfect for takeout.

> Kamei Bakery

Hamakko Sagyousyo

Hamakko Sagyousyo is loved by locals for their hearty and delicious homemade bento boxes sold from 350 yen.
Apart from bento boxes, they also serve side dishes, desserts, and Japanese sweets at affordable prices.
It is a business that supports the local community as an employment support facility for people with disabilities.

> Hamakko Sagyousyo

There are many other spots we would like to recommend to you face-to-face.
Don’t hesitate to ask us for details and other recommendations whenever you visit us at The English Club.


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